Monday, 25 November 2013

Bring our yer dead. The Re-awakening.

Two nights of vintage racing in December. 14th and 21st. Bring your buggys or on road classics and give 'em a run.
Non competitive but just as good fun!

A bit of RC history for you below!

This 1/12th Ishimasa FF12E chassis from 1979, world’s first front wheel drive rc car. It came with a couple of different body types. There was a Porsche 917, the Savanna RX-7 a Renault Mirage. There may have been more.
Presented in ‘Graupner Neuheitenkatalog 1980′, Graupner followed the first successes achieved in 1979 with the vehicle in some national races.

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Lots of info on classic RC cars

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